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The company mainly provides various test equipment, instruments, software and services required for the development, testing, production and maintenance of automotive parts and components. Including CAN, LIN, car Ethernet and other bus testers, test software and custom development services; new energy automotive motor drive test with a rotary transformer; various automotive electronic products automated test equipment, software; test load box, non-standard Harness, etc.

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         Sapa Automotive mainly provides various test equipment, instruments, software and services required for the development, testing, production and maintenance of automotive parts and components. At present, the main products are divided into two categories: standardized products and non-standard customized equipment, standardized products include bus tester and rotary simulator, non-standard customized products mainly include functional automation test bench, environmental test bench, durability test bench, HIL bench, as well as load box and non-standard wiring harness.

         Sapa Automotive WizBus series bus tester products can support CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, Flexray, Ethernet and other different types of bus protocol, not only has the stable quality hardware, rich function, remarkable performance, but also with powerful bus analysis and simulation software (Bus Insight), and carry on the software development kit (SDK) for user do the secondary development. Bus Insight, independently developed by our company and certified by the third party, can run across multiple platforms with simple installation, smooth and stable operation, less system resources, and long-term free updates. To make each engineer in the field of automotive bus test and application use the products conveniently, handy and rest assured is our constant pursuit and efforts of the goal!

        The rotary simulator is a necessary motor speed simulation tool for the R&D and testing of new energy vehicle motor drive products. The rotary simulator of Sapa Automotive is characterized by stable quality, good performance and rich functions. It can support multiple modes, with touch display, fault injection, temperature simulation, RS232 and CAN double programmable control interface and other functions, suitable for a variety of new energy vehicle models at home and abroad. This series of products are also divided into desktop and rack style according to different customer application scenarios. At present, it has been widely used in motor drive manufacturers and third-party testing laboratories.

Technical Advantages

Keep improving, strive for excellence

Sapa Automotive is a high-tech enterprise with independent innovation ability. After years of hard work in the field of automotive electronics and communication, we have obtained dozens of patents and soft work intellectual property rights. We have rich experience in automotive bus testing and application, new energy technology testing, automotive electronic products testing equipment. The company not only has a strong research and development team in software design, electronic and electrical design, automation test design, mechanical design and other aspects, but also has the strong support of a number of excellent production and supply chain partner. In market, we have established stable and long-term technical cooperation relations with many large enterprises in the field of automobile at home and abroad such as Aptiv, Delphi, Harman, Visteon, Nissan, Dongfeng Motor, Curtiss Wright, CATARC and so on. “Innovation, service, quality” is our core vale and competitiveness. And we can do more, do better!



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